Peelin’ It Back…

5 Dec

Ah, Repeal Day!  That glorious recognition that, hey, sometimes a girl needs a cocktail!
Repeal Prohibition
These people totally agree with us.

The truth is, while the Women’s Christian Temperance Union probably had the best of intentions, Prohibition had a somewhat opposite effect than the blissful freedom from moral corruption envisioned.  In fact, organized crime flourished as the bootleggers kept the booze flowing.  Finally, after thirteen years of speakeasies and bathtub gin, Prohibition was repealed on December 5th, 1933.

We here at LUPEC would like to point out the role of women’s groups and, eventually, women voters, in Prohibition.  The Women’s Christian Temperance Union demonstrated just how influential a group of women can be, even without the right to vote, while the  Women’s Organization for Prohibition Reform (WOPR) showed that ladies with the vote can do a whole lot more!

LUPEC recommends that you celebrate Repeal Day tomorrow by throwing one back (responsibly) and thanking the Women’s Christian Temperance Union for helping to create the jazz babies and flappers of the Roaring Twenties.  Need a place to imbibe?  Try these happy hour options:

  • The Cruise Room was actually opened on December 6th, 1933, making it the perfect place to celebrate Repeal Day with a fabulous cocktail!
  • Dazzle Supper Club features a great happy hour menu and fantastic jazz.
  • The Cork House is another fantastic option, for those with a taste for grapes.



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