Be Safe

22 Dec

Every year, the holiday season seems to get busier with parties, dinners, drinks, shows – sometimes it seems the fun never stops.  And at most of the events I go to, alcohol is heavily featured.  Wine, beer, cocktails, shots, the ubiquitous mulled wine and spiked eggnog that tastes so good this time of year and so not any other….for many of us, drinking and festivities go hand in hand.

For all of us in LUPEC, drinking responsibly is key to a good night.  Everyone handles it differently, depending on personal taste and the night: some take public transportation, ride bikes, or walk; others arrange a designated driver; others have just a drink or two at the very beginning, then stop consumption; it just depends.  And of course, the cab option is always an excellent one, but it can get expensive.

This year, the Colorado Department of Transportation wants to make the holidays safer for everyone.  They’ve teamed up with RTD, MillerCoors and the Colorado State Patrol to offer FREE cab vouchers from a variety of bars and restaurants in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.  Free!  Costing you zero dollars*!  There’s no reason NOT to take a cab at that point!

So remember as you celebrate the season that you’ll have a lot more to celebrate if you drink and travel safely.  And even if you’re not at one of the participating venues, make the right choice, and don’t drive if you’ve been drinking.

*Except a tip – I don’t think gratuities are included.


One Response to “Be Safe”

  1. lupec December 29, 2008 at 4:53 pm #

    Great information! Thanks for sharing this!

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