Tequila, our forgotten friend

2 Apr

I love some tequila, but noticed that it doesn’t make it into our classic cocktails very often.  Research was needed!  I delved into the great wide world of tequila cocktail recipes on the web and came back a bit defeated.  Where were all the great recipes?  Some, like the margarita, just can’t really be classified as “endangered,” while others just weren’t quite vintage enough for what I’d had in mind.  Finally, after some creative googling, I found my three recipes.  One of them, Paloma, Mi Amante, was really two recipes in one: an infused tequila that is then used to make another drink.  Good thing I got reasearching early because the tequila had to sit for three weeks!  This was truly an amazing drink–hands-down everyone’s favorite of the meeting.  It’s not often you get such a fresh strawberry flavor in a cocktail, much less a tequila one.  It tasted like the essence of summer.  I might just have to keep some tequila mi amante around at all times…

Paloma, Mi Amante

Also delicious and refreshing, the El Diablo was a sleeper hit. Another perfect concoction for the warm weather.

El Diablo

The drink I was most curious about was called the Armillito Chico. With its exotic ingredients of pomegranate and orange blossom water, I thought it sounded delicious. I first found the recipe cached on a GQ site, referencing the original printed recipe. I happened to copy it down and it’s a good thing I did, because when I went back to find it right before the meeting, it had vanished! The only references I can even find on the web are to a couple bars that still make the drink. This might be one we really did save from extinction. The orange blossom has a perfumey taste that takes a little getting used to, but overall this was a lovely drink as well.

Armillito Chico



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