Whiskey “on the Rockies”

21 Sep
Photo by Eric J. Hessler

Photo by Eric J. Hessler

The members of LUPEC Denver were approached with a unique opportunity that we quickly decided to take advantage of. We were invited to spend the day at the Stranahans distillery located in Denver and take part in their whiskey bottling process.

Stranahans Colorado Whiskey is the first Colorado-born whiskey that uses hand-crafted distilling techniques and Colorado ingredients.
Photo by Eric J. Hessler

Photo by Eric J. Hessler

We thought it would be a fun leisurely day at the distillery – filled with taking a tour, putting a few bottles together and of course, sampling the product. We were wrong.  The folks at Stranahans put us to work! We spent the day bottling Batch #46 and did everything including filling out labels (they handwrite each one!), corking bottles, putting on labels, caps and tags and filling boxes. We ended up bottling over 3,000 bottles of whiskey!

Photo by Eric J. Hessler

Photo by Eric J. Hessler

At the end of the day, in addition to getting to sample whiskey and take a tour, we were each given a bottle to take home with us for all of our hard work.

We want to thank Jake and the incredible staff at Stranahans for the great experience! You can visit their web site for more information about taking a tour of the distillery and where to purchase Stranahans.
If you are looking to buy some great Colorado make whiskey – look for Batch #46, lovingly bottled by the ladies from LUPEC Denver!

The folks at Stranahans also challenged us to come up with a cocktail using their recipe – so stay tuned!


Where to find Stranahans Colorado Whiskey
Information about Stranahans distillery tours


Photo by Eric J. Hessler


One Response to “Whiskey “on the Rockies””

  1. Grasshopper September 21, 2009 at 8:00 pm #

    Dude, pushing those corks in was totally hard – my arm actually hurt yesterday. (Wait, maybe that just shows me as the weakling I am…) But I felt very productive, and the whiskey is delicious! Definitely worth it.

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