February Meeting: LUPEC Denver Gets Naughty

28 Feb

In celebration of 7th anniversary, Spy Girl and I decided to host a joint LUPEC Denver meeting.  We split into two chapters about four years ago, in order to accommodate our growing number of awesome ladies.  We realized that more than 12-14 members in a chapter makes for a challenging group dynamic as well as incredibly expensive meetings, so two chapters is an ideal solution.  We haven’t had a major joint meeting in a while and it was so much fun to have 90% of LUPEC Denver together in my living room!

Also, Spy Girl and I really wanted to force our fellow members to drink raunchy drinks.

No, seriously.  We’re terrible people.  But we throw one hell of a meeting, so hopefully all is forgiven!

After a hilarious conversation about abominations such as the blowjob shot, we started researching cocktails with naughty names and discovered that our forebroads thought raunchy drinks were pretty awesome, too.  Naturally.  Taking inspiration from our Denver Six Shooter experience, we paired classic naughtiness with modern raunchiness.

Round 1: Hop, Skip, and Go Naked Punch vs. Slow Comfortable Screw

The punch was a run away hit, combining a lemon-limeade base with light rum and peach schnapps and conveniently self-serve as ladies arrived and we scrambled to get everything ready.  We modified the original Slow Comfortable Screw, replacing the Southern Comfort with Leopold Bros. Peach Whiskey.  The combination of the delicious whiskey with sloe gin and orange juice was delightfully drinkable, if disturbingly creamy pink in color.

Round 2: Angel’s Tit vs. Witch’s Tit

The Angel’s Tit is a Prohibition era after dinner drink of creme de cacao topped with whipped cream and a well placed maraschino cherry.  The Witch’s Tit is a more contemporary version, featuring Kahlua instead.  Both drinks received mixed reviews, but the Angel’s Tit won over more ladies with its smooth chocolate finish.

Round 3: Between the Sheets vs. Tie Me to the Bedpost

Between the Sheets is a post-Prohibition variation of a Rum Sidecar, aka Boston Sidecar, combining rum, brandy, and Cointreau with lemon juice.  The result was a strong cocktail that stood in contrast to the preceeding sweeter, smoother drinks.  Tie Me to the Bedpost was an interesting combination of Midori, Malibu, citrus vodka, and Rose’s lime juice.  The bright green result was the least popular of the afternoon, but Grasshopper pointed out it would make an amazing frozen summer cocktail.  We’ll be sure to try that out as soon as the snow stops and we can start having patio meetings again!

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the success of our naughty choices.  Our theme may have been silly, but I think uncovering classic naughtiness and humor in cocktails was a timely reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.  Our forebroads loved a good double entendre with their cocktails, too!


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