2010 Prom Redux Recap

13 Mar

Our 2nd annual Prom Redux dress drive was a huge success!

Mango Mimosa and Zombie, caught in a fashion quadrangle with Roxy and Castle of Tootsie's Nails!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends, we were able to ensure that the Admas 12 school district Prom Shop will be able to provide beautiful, low cost prom attire to its students!

Le Sazarac and Firefly pose among the dresses

We collected:

66 dresses

19 pairs of shoes

7 purses

4 wraps

1 men’s shirt

And in addition to this amazing list, we raised almost $700 from drink sales, corsages, and the photobooth!

Prom Kings, for sure!

Did I mention that we also had one hell of a party?  Because, wow, did we ever!

The Vamp and Pomeranian posing pretty in the photobooth!

We’d like to thank our friends at Montanya Distillers and Peach St. Distillery for donating the components to make the amazingly delicious Hop, Skip, and Go Naked Punch…and lots of it!

Spy Girl and a collection of friends up to no good!

Our gorgeous corsage bar was made possible by the generosity of Capelli Floral, owned by the lovely Moscow Mule.  She, Tom Collins, and Maurice painstakingly constructed our beautiful corsages the night prior!  Our addictively fun photobooth was provided by Capelli Photography, aka Moscow Mule’s generous and patient screwdriver, John Capelli.  We’d be lost without this amazing team!

The talented team of Capelli and Capelli!

We slow danced and rocked out to the amaing mix of tunes supplied by DJ Alisha

LUPEC Denver loves DJ Alisha!

And, of course, we’d be a sorry sort of Prom without the help of Jonesy’s Eatbar, who let us take over their restaurant and ensured our guests were never hungry or thirsty.

The amazing staff of Jonesy's Eatbar!

And now the Prom comittee members are getting some rest while LUPEC Denver gears up for our next event, Breakfast for Boobs on April 18th!

Spy Girl and Italian Stinger work out some planning aggression!


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