LUPEC 1: Pretty in Pink

9 Aug

For July, founding LUPEC Denver members Grasshopper and Gin Daisy put their heads together and created an all pink meeting.  The result was thoughtful pink drinks, inventive pink food, and a competition for the best pink outfit!

Pink Lady

LUPEC Name: Grasshopper and Gin Daisy

Meeting Date: 7/25/2010

Meeting Theme: Pretty in Pink

Why did you choose this theme?

We thought it would be fun to use a color for a theme, and Divino (an awesome local wine shop) always does a pink party every year, so that was our inspiration!

Pink Old Fashioned

What were the cocktails you served?

Pink Sangria

Pink Old Fashioned (made with rhubarb simple syrup and rhubarb bitters)

Pink Lady

I think every drink had people who loved it and people who were ready for the next one.  We wanted to do drinks that wouldn’t just be sweet sweet sweet, and I think we succeeded!

Pink Sangria

What food was served/brought?

Even (some of) our food was pink – pink deviled eggs which were created by dipping the whites in beet juice, a pink beet/goat cheese dip, and mini cupcakes with pink sprinkles.

Pink Deviled Eggs

Anything else you’d like to say about your meeting?

Grasshopper: I’ve always liked the color pink, and it was super fun to translate that into an entire meeting!


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