The Vamp’s Traveling Bar: Helsinki and Boston

10 Sep

The Vamp, President of LUPEC Denver Chapter 2 and aka Vivienne VaVoom, travels frequently to perform and as brand ambassador for Montanya Rum (she wears many hats and they’re all fabulous!).  She’ll be writing regular dispatches from the road about the bars and drinking companions she meets along the way!

I travel around a bit, mostly visiting other cities for burlesque festivals, and lately I’ve been trying to tack on some quality cocktail time while visiting. In February I tried to visit A21 in Helsinki, Finland, known as one of the best bars in the world, but I was performing when they were open, so I missed it. I did have a pretty amazing Caipirinha and a great mojito at a Cuban place (kinda bizarro drinking sunny climate cocktails in the cold north!) and bought a bunch of Finnish booze at the duty free store, plus some edelweiss liqueur on my layover in Germany.

In April I headed to Boston. With some good advice on where to visit and folks to ask for behind the bars, (courtesy of the awesome Sean Kenyon), I visited Eastern Standard and Drink. Eastern Standard is a huge restaurant with an expansive marble bar serving a well picked menu of 40+ classic cocktails and new spins on the old drinks, including four takes on the Old Fashioned. I had the Mount Orehena from their Tiki drink selection and the Corio Coupe, a nod to the great burlesque performer, Ann Corio and the lounge/shrine to her next to the bar. The bartender, Kit, completely wowed me with his skills- he was taking care of the folks at the bar plus restaurant orders, and mixing several drinks at once, while hardly breaking a sweat- and answering a lot of possibly annoying ‘what’s that’ and ‘why did you do that’ questions from me. I got to chat with the bar manager, Jackson Cannon, who introduced me to the first of a few Boston LUPEC gals I would meet that weekend. Her name escapes me (could be that last nutty flip cocktail Kit slipped me, or just my bad memory), but she was the newest member, and searching for her cocktail name and her co-workers had come up with some choice and rather naughty ideas (which also escape me).

The next day I hit Drink to meet some other LUPEC ladies. I got stuck in multiple sports related traffic, and then got a bit confused by the subterranean location and lack of a sign (so speakeasy!), but Joy, a.k.a. Bourbon Belle grabbed me off the street and brought me down to meet fellow LUPEC members Misty and Josey behind the bar- whose cocktails curled my toes! Sean had suggested I talk to Misty at Drink- and it turned out she’s not only a name-drop worthy bartender, she’s the president of LUPEC Boston! Drink is unusual in that the bartenders make drinks not from a menu, but instead based on what the patron likes- what kind of drinks, what flavors they favor etc. It’s all kinds of awesome. I’ve been to a couple bars where that option is on the menu (like Colt & Gray, here in Denver), but at Drink, that is the menu. It was incredible to be served drinks tailored to my taste! We discussed LUPEC and the goal of uniting all the chapters that have been springing up lately…and the Denver chapter’s goal of hosting the first LUPEC convention in Denver in 2011, which the Boston gals were fully on board for! I was super impressed with the Boston ladies’ fundraising capabilities, their dedication to each other and the mission of LUPEC. It was also interesting to learn that a good portion of them are professional bartenders, and some, like Misty are super-star bartenders! I was sad when we had to head our separate ways, but encouraged by my first meeting with LUPEC ladies outside my own state!

Next traveling bar report…Austin!


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