LUPEC 2: Citrus

29 Jan

LUPEC Name: Spy Girl

Meeting Date: 1/23/2011

Meeting Theme: Citrus

Why did you choose this theme?
There is an abundance of citrus this time of year and so I thought it would be fun to make great cocktails but substitute the citrus element and see what happens.

What were the cocktails you served?
Tequila Fresca, Orange Blossom, French 95, Liquid Sunshine (named by The Vamp) and Citrus Pama Dream.

For the most part everything was a hit.  The Tequila Fresca, French 95 and Liquid Sunshine were the stars of the evening.  Parisian Blond had never experience St. Germain so it was quite fun to give her a glass.  I believe her comment was mmmmmm “”liquid gold””.  Red Snapper on the French 95 – The small alone is intoxicating, and the drink is amazing! In all a very productive meeting.

Anything else you’d like to say about your meeting?
The meeting was great! We planned a ton for Prom, the drinks were super yummy, and the dogs were on their best behavior.  To top it off my husband did all of our dishes!

Recipe, please!
French 95
1 oz fresh Meyer Lemon juice
2 oz Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey
1 oz sugar
Dry Champagne
Shake Stranahan’s, Meyer lemon, and sugar for at least a minute to help the sugar break down a bit.  Strain and serve in a tall glass full of ice.  Top with bubbly of your choosing and garnish with a piece of the lovely and amazing Meyer lemon!


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